Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Yoga & Weight Loss

I have been into fitness since the day I was born. My family promoted physical fitness and trained my mind well to stick with it all of my life. People tend to think that people who participate in fitness have no trouble dealing with weight or eating habits. This has been a proven misconception in my lifetime of fitness. It wasn't until I started practicing yoga in 1999 that I began to feel better about food and body image. After the first year, I started wearing clothes that fit my body and didn't hang off of me. After two years my husband said,"I know why you are staying so thin. It's the yoga." I told him of course, he was nuts but later proven wrong. My food choices have become lighter. Sweets aren't so tempting and I am more mindful about how much I eat and what I put in my mouth in one sitting. I tend to snack all day because feeling full makes me feel sick. Now I need to tell my husband he was right. I have read studies that even the simplest yoga class can help a person maintain weight and increase their mindful eating habits. It is important to practice yoga regularly to gain this type if sense about your body. Regularly means at least 3 times a week or more.

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