Thursday, May 27, 2010

Nirvana in a Nutshell (Scott Shaw)

Many of life's ongoing experiences become accepted discomfort.
When you were a child and you did not like something, most likely you expressed your dicontent by crying.
As you grew up, you learn to temper your feelings and accept situations you do not particularly feel comfortable in: jobs, living conditions, dysfunctional relationships, and the like.
If you relate this understanding to the average person, they will simply tell you, "That's Life" or "You've grown up."
But, is that what life is about--acceptance of discomfort?
Many people personally direct their bodies into discomfort by working out in a gym or sitting for untold hours in meditation.
Is this truly a pathway to a healthier body and a more enlightened mind?
If you step outside of what is expected of you, if you move beyond what society has guided you to do, you will find a completely different world--defined by a completely new set of rules--a place where there are no rules.

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