Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Yoga for Stress?

When I first started practicing yoga, I got very excited and started looking for all the DVD's that offered yoga lessons. As I was looking I found DVD's designed for all issues in life. I felt I didn't need to lose weight, make my back feel better, reduce stress or any of the other healing methods they could come up with. So, I bought the ones for beginner's and intermediates. It is difficult find a DVD for advanced students. That's because there are more beginner's than there are advanced.
After a couple years of practicing, I decided I wanted to teach yoga. I took a weekend certification and was starving for more information. A weekend was not near enough time to learn to teach yoga. Since I didn't have much opportunity for advanced teaching in my area, I started to buy those DVD's for certain troubles in our life that I mentioned earlier. I found that most of them (not all of them) were a basic yoga class. Unless there was a chair to sit on or something you wouldn't typically use in a general yoga class, they were a typical yoga class that you could practice at any yoga place near you. Let's face it. Practicing general yoga (that's a yoga anyone can do) will heal your body of many issues that you may be having. Be sure to check with your physician to be sure it is right for you and join the next yoga class and see what everyone is talking about.
Since the first weekend training I achieved my 200 hour registered Yoga Alliance certificate. I am now an ERYT (E = Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher).

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