Monday, September 19, 2011

Energize with Fall's Veggies

Detox with radishes. Radishes improve the body's ability to eliminate energy-sapping, fat-trapping toxins. Radishes increase the activity of detoxifying liver enzymes.
Balance Blood Sugar Levels with Onions. Onions help ward off diabetes according to science in the journal Environmental Health Insights. Diabetics who consumed onions experienced a reduction in blood glucose and insulin levels that were similar to those achieved with a diabetes drug.
Energize with beets. Beets improve physical stamina. After eating beets for six days, subjects were able to exercise 16% longer before tiring according to the United Kingdom's University of Exeter.
Heal your Heart with Beans. A compound in beans improves the liver's ability to metabolize cholesterol and eases the cellular inflammation that damages the heart.
Fight Fat with Brussel Sprouts. Even eaten with fatty foods, brussel sprouts help keep pounds off. A compound in brussel sprouts helps increase the hormone responsible for buring stored fat for fuel.
Make Skin Glow the Bok Choy. It also helps to fight off wrinkles. It helps guard against the UV-induced free-radical damage that prematurely ages the skin. It also improves skin hydration, elasticity and smoothness for a radiant complexion.
Find all this great healing food at you local Food Market...