Thursday, January 7, 2016

Living in Minnesota on the Mississippi River

It has been a warm fall and we had no snow for Christmas.  The snow came a couple days after Christmas.  I went home to the upper peninsula of Michigan and they also had no snow for Christmas.  Lake Superior and Lake Michigan had very little ice on them.  With little to no ice Lake Superior produced a lot of snow while I was visiting.  I shoveled twice in four days.
It is snowing today in Minnesota.  I just returned inside from shoveling.  The plows are out plowing under an inch of snow.  It's amazing the difference between how we treat the roads in Michigan and Minnesota.  I was surprised to see that they were plowing this morning with such little bit of snow.  The snow falling now in Minnesota is considered heavy snow but the heavy snow I saw in Michigan I couldn't see the road.  I can see the road here in Minnesota.  Even the plows are different here.  In Minnesota they push a mound of snow at the end of your driveway while in Michigan it is thrown in your driveway so you don't get a mound of snow at the end.
In Michigan I watched the people across the street shovel a path to their car.  They brushed off their car, loaded the kids up and plowed through their driveway and off to school and work they went.  In Minnesota they would have shut the schools down and shoveled before even thinking about leaving.  We definitely learn to live in our environment no matter where we are.
I am enjoying the new variety of winter birds I see out my window at the feeder.  The juncos have arrived and many more cardinals are showing up.  The doves love the food as they perch themselves on the feeder.  Woodpeckers love the suit I made for them.  I had to frost the windows to take the glare off so the birds would not fly into the windows.
The snow is pretty to watch as it is falling from the sky.  It's a white winter world outside!  The snow is perfect to build a snowman.