Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Deep Tissue Massage

I recently went to a deep tissue massage training. The reason why I went was because I felt that there is a lot of confusion out there about what deep tissue massage is. If there was another way of performing deep tissue massage, I wanted to learn it. After the training, I realized that I was already performing deep tissue massage.
Deep Tissue Massage is not an aggressive type of massage. It should not damage tissue or cause bruising. It should be done with ease and patience. It is a gentle procedure that quietly relieves any muscle tension in the body.
I feel that I can ease most muscle tension in the body. Massage should be done with the understanding of patience. Take into consideration how long it took for the body to become stressed and then consider how long it may take to relax the tension. That is the reason massage should be done on a regular basis and not when a person feels they need it. A good maitenance program never hurt anyone. It costs less to get a massage then to see a medical provider...