Monday, October 26, 2015

Boo-nanas with Lemon Essential Oil

Boo-nanas with Lemon Essential Oil

For Halloween this year, try making this fun and healthy snack that your children, grandchildren, or nieces and nephews will surely love!
Servings: 4
Time: 15 minutes active; 30 minutes inactive
Difficulty: Easy


2 bananas
8 popsicle sticks
1 cup Greek yogurt
1 drop lemon essential oil
16 mini chocolate chips


1. Peel bananas, and cut them in half. Then cut the halves lengthwise.
2. Carefully stick a popsicle stick in each banana, and then lay the bananas on a cookie sheet lined with waxed paper.
3. Place the cookie sheet with the bananas on it in the freezer for about 30 minutes.
4. Meanwhile, mix together the yogurt and lemon essential oil in a glass. Note: You can use any flavor of Greek yogurt you desire; just choose one that is white in color and that goes well with the lemon flavor. We used both blueberry and strawberry yogurt with delicious results.
5. Remove the bananas from the freezer, and dip each of them in the glass of yogurtturning until fully coated.
6. Return the bananas to the waxed paper, laying them on their backs, and place two mini chocolate chips near the top of each banana for eyes.
7. Once all of the bananas are done, return them to the freezer until ready to serve.
8. Enjoy these darling boo-nanas as a delicious and healthy frozen Halloween treat!

Extra Idea:

Try substituting the Greek yogurt with melted white chocolate for a sweeter Halloween treat!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Give a Gift of Health and Joy for Christmas (On Guard, Peppermint, and Wild Orange)

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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Living in Minnesota on the Mississippi River

October 15th 2015
We have had an unusual warm fall.  We are still waiting for our first frost which usually comes in September.  Right now the Maples are showing their beautiful arrangement of colors. The yellow trees are glowing in the sun while the orange trees appear to be bursting in flames.  The trees colored in red look as though they are bleeding through the other trees.  The colors are magnificent right now.  The hills are painted with many colors as you gaze through them.
Our first frost will come this Friday night as the temperature will drop to a warm 27 degrees.  I am hoping the mold count will drop and I will once again want to go outside.  My allergies always let me know when mold is present.
We have had very little in precipitation and everything outside is beginning to dry up.
I am beginning to hear the sounds of the winter birds outside.  The spring birds have flown away right past the winter birds going in opposite directions.  It's fun to sit and watch out the window at the many variety of birds at my feeders.
Duck hunting will open up once again the coming weekend and the sound of war will once again be outside our windows.  The craft shows have started back up for the fall women who lose their husbands to hunting.  It's the beginning of the Christmas shopping season with many treasures to find at craft shows.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Living in Minnesota on the Mississippi River

October 5, 2015

The Festmaster's Ball was a lot of fun.  The new 2015 Festmaster was announced with many other festivals joining us for the evenings event.  On Sunday afternoon my friend and I went to the Oktoberfest Festgrounds in La Crosse, Wisconsin.  It was a chilly afternoon with no sun in sight.  The wind was coming out of the north reminding us that winter is soon to come.  While we were at the festgrounds, rock bands played inside the tent and folk music and sounds of the 60's and 70's played in the Garten Center.  We enjoyed the taste of deep fried pickles while we sipped on ice cold beer.  We also enjoyed a Wisconsin Brat with horseradish mustard.  Yummm.  On the way out we took home Gyros, Corn on the Cob and pulled pork.  There were many favorite foods to choose from.

This past weekend marked the final weekend for duck hunting.  The sounds of shots in the air were silenced on Sunday for two weeks.  By the time duck hinting opens again, the weather should be a little cooler and possibly the Canadian ducks will be flying through our area.

Fishing has become a fisherman's dream.  Now that the bugs are no longer sitting on top of the river for the fish to eat, the fish are now entertaining the fishermen by biting onto the lure.  The water temperature is also cooling down making the fish more delightful to catch.

In such a small city, the streets are bustling in the morning with parents dropping kids off at school and returning to work for the day.  Our home sits on a bus route so our street is busy each morning and afternoon with school busses passing by.  As for me, another full week of work!

Friday, October 2, 2015

Living in Minnesota on the Mississippi River

October 2, 2015
What a difference two weeks make.  Two weeks ago we were wearing shorts, T-shirts and Sundressed.  This morning it was 37 degrees when the dogs and I went for a walk.  I put on my mittens, hat, winter coat and boots.  The rooftops were coated with crystal frost glistening in the sun.  The trees are dotted with leaves of yellow and red and the hills are no longer a lush green.
We're getting ready for the Oktoberfest this weekend.  Two weeks ago we celebrated Applefest here in La Crescent.  We featured a float in the Applefest Parade.  What a fun time!  But this weekend is Oktoberfest.  My husband and I will be visiting the Festmaster's Ball tonight to find out who the new Festmaster is for Oktoberfest in La Crosse, Wisconsin on the other side of the Mississippi.
Duck hunting opened here in Minnesota last weekend.  My husband and my dog Sam go hunting opening day.  Sam didn't have to work very hard this year.  It was a warm opener with the temperatures raising into the upper 70's low 80's.  This weekend should be a little cooler for the hunters with the temperatures only reaching into the low 60's.
When we go out for a walk or run, we can smell the scent of fall in the air.  The smell of turning leaves from green to gold is a wonderful scent this time of year.  Our fire places are burning, warming up the house.  Now is the time I start thinking about chili on the stove or a roast in the oven.  Yummm.
It's always fun to get back into sweatshirts and sweatpants.  Feeling the softness of flannel sheets as you climb into bed is another reminder that winter is about to arrive.  I have also been purchasing Christmas presents the last few weeks.  It is also fun to start going through magazines to plan the meals at Christmas time.  We are now entering my favorite time of the year!