Thursday, October 15, 2015

Living in Minnesota on the Mississippi River

October 15th 2015
We have had an unusual warm fall.  We are still waiting for our first frost which usually comes in September.  Right now the Maples are showing their beautiful arrangement of colors. The yellow trees are glowing in the sun while the orange trees appear to be bursting in flames.  The trees colored in red look as though they are bleeding through the other trees.  The colors are magnificent right now.  The hills are painted with many colors as you gaze through them.
Our first frost will come this Friday night as the temperature will drop to a warm 27 degrees.  I am hoping the mold count will drop and I will once again want to go outside.  My allergies always let me know when mold is present.
We have had very little in precipitation and everything outside is beginning to dry up.
I am beginning to hear the sounds of the winter birds outside.  The spring birds have flown away right past the winter birds going in opposite directions.  It's fun to sit and watch out the window at the many variety of birds at my feeders.
Duck hunting will open up once again the coming weekend and the sound of war will once again be outside our windows.  The craft shows have started back up for the fall women who lose their husbands to hunting.  It's the beginning of the Christmas shopping season with many treasures to find at craft shows.

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