Sunday, May 16, 2010

Is Yoga a Full Body Workout?

Coming from a full line of history exercise, I have found that Yoga has got me in the best shape I have ever been in. I have exercised since the day I was born and I am pretty sure I have done it all. Then I found yoga and felt I needed nothing else. I still love to swim with my dogs and walk my dogs...
When I teach yoga, people always ask, "Are we working the abs today?" My answer is always, "Yes." If you are properly practicing yoga, you are working your abs. Many, if not all, poses require ab strength. There are some like Boat that work the abs but plank, triangle and many more help too. It takes strong abs to hold a balance pose whether on your feet or on your arms/hands. There are also poses that purposely work the abs for you. I feel there is no need to constantly worry about one body part when we have so many we need to focus on. When we focus on the body as a whole, that keeps our body in balance and harmony. That is what yoga does. It focuses on the body as a whole. So, dig in and have fun!!!!
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