Monday, May 10, 2010

Feeling Happy

Every Sunday morning I wake up, turn on the TV, and listen to Joel Osteen. I find that to be the best day of the week. I used to try to avoid looking forward to Sunday because it is the last day off before I have to return to work. Joel is very uplifting and is filled with hope. Something we all seem to need a lot of these days. After 30 minutes of Joel I feel fulfilled and able to face the last day off before the week begins. He teaches me to not dread the day but live in it and give thanks.
I opened my Yoga Journal magazine the other day and they had an article on feeling happy. It is titled, Im so happy for you. It teaches you that by giving praise to others will help to lift your feelings also. It also discusses how we envy our lucky friends instead of taking delight in their good fortune. I felt like I was listening to Joel again. I enjoyed the article. It is much more calming to be delightful than to have to hang on to negative emotions. Instead of, "It's Monday again...try to tell yourself how much you love Mondays. Find the good things in the day. Tell your friend who has let you down how great they look and what a good friend they are. Focus on the positive and you will feel positive the rest of the day, week, or month. Keep your mind positive and good fortune will come your way. Just ask Joel Osteen and Yoga Journal.
P.S. I have also found that receiving monthly massages and practicing yoga daily has a positive effect on life also....


  1. When someone does something good, applaud! You will make two people happy. Samuel Goldwyn

  2. This is excellent! Too often all we care about is, me, me.....we should be thinking about how our actions affect others, how we impact someone else's day, and how much better we can feel by being positive!


  3. Yes, we do spend too much time worrying about how things will affect us and in the process hurt someone else. It's too bad....