Thursday, May 13, 2010


I think people hear the word meditation and freeze up. This makes me feel that there is a lot of confusion about meditation. I practiced meditation at an Ananda Retreat a couple of years back. It wasn't too difficult for me to sit still and be quiet as I fell asleep every time. I got the idea I was way too tired and didn't take the time to sit still enough.
It's hard for many of us to purposely sit still for any length of time. And then when you add meditation to sitting still it becomes a little harder. Let me help you out with some of this.
The last time you sat in a chair and quietly watched the birds outside the window, you were meditating. The last time you sat on the porch quietly in the morning and listened to the song the birds were singing, you were meditating. The last time you got on your knees and prayed for any length of time, you were meditating. The last time you laid in the sun quietly, you were meditating.
So, the next time you take some time out for yourself and go sit quietly but not asleep, you are giving your mind and body some healing time. Don't think of it as meditation. Think of it as a time out!

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