Thursday, April 29, 2010

Why get a massage?

If you'd like to get a massage, you first need to find a licensed or registered therapist. If it is your first massage, a licensed or registered therapist should be able to explain what you can expect. How can you tell if they are licensed or registered? Look for NCBTMB, NCTMB, LMT behind their name. If you see just Massage Therapist or CMT, be leery. They have limited education which leads to limited knowledge or skills. CMT means they are certified but, certification only means possibly 8 hours to 100 hours of training. It is important to know the muscular structure and function and also the physical body ailments.
I have an education in Radiography and Massage Therapy. My Anatomy and Physiology was studied in depth when I went to school for Radiography. I am so thankful for all the information that was taught to me because what I learned comes up a lot during an intake session in massage therapy.
Massage has many benefits with the biggest one being stress relief. Many of us are under stress in one way or another. Stress can create many issues with our body to include mental or physical pain. Mental pain can be felt in any area of the body and can deteriorate our health quickly as well as physical pain. It is important that we listen to our body during it's time of need. Getting a massage may seem expensive, but it is more expensive for surgery. There are some contradictions to massage so ask for physician if it is right for you.
I myself get a massage monthly for an hour and a half. If I feel I need more massage I go twice a month. I like to think I listen to my body. Don't let life get you down. Get a massage and practice yoga....

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