Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Thai Yoga Massage

Thai yoga massage was created based on historic Indian traditions. The session is a mix of stretches and acupressure massage which helps to promote the flow of energy in the body. Thai yoga massage is becoming more popular across the world.
Thai yoga aims to reduce blockages and promote healthy energy flow through gentle stretches, massage, and stimulation of central points of energy. Muscular blockages lead to insufficient energy levels and therefore health problems.
Thai yoga massage can last 60 to 90 minutes. It is a hands-on combination of gentle stretching and stimulating massage. The therapist leads the client through a slow, methodical process of breathing control, gentle stretching, and massage aimed at opening energy channels and stimulating muscular and nerve centers.
Christina has been practicing and training for two years. She plans to continue training this year and through 2011. She hopes to accumiulate more interest in Thai Yoga Massage as she feels it is beneficial for everyone just like yoga.
In Thai Massage, the client remains fully clothed in comfortable clothing that is not binding in any area of the body. This allows for full flow of energy through all of the centers. This is perfect for those who are uncomfortable undressing during traditional table massage.
In the end, the client will feel fully open and released from any muscular tension felt prior to the Thai Yoga Massage. There is about a 15 minute resting session in the end to fully relax the client and take them to a quiet place of meditation. It is the perfect end of a perfect session. Namaste'

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