Monday, May 16, 2011

Spend less on gas

When you run your A/C you take one or two miles off your mileage. Save money and stay cool by turning on your A/C until your car cools down and then turn it off and press the "air recirculator" button.  Air recirculator is indicated by two arrows going in a circle. Your air will recirculate the chilled air inside the car and blow it back to you.  No more taxing the engine to keep cool.
Gas companies love to give out coupons to get you to walk through their door and make you a regular customer.  Look for gas coupons on grocery store receipts, coupon mailers and newpapers.  Also, check for promotions on gas company websites.
Credit cards offered by gas stations or regular credit cards offer cash back.  Discover Open Road care offers 2% cash back on up to $250.00 in gas purchases every billing cycle.  Go to to learn more about cards the offer gas rebates.
Are you one of those that "top off" after filling up to round up the amount.  STOP!  Any extra gas you pump into the vapor line returns right into the station's storage tank.  The pump's vapor recovery system starts drawing hazordous fumes so they aren't released into the air.  Only pay for what goes into your tank.

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