Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Fix your knotted necklace and brighten your smile ;o)

How many times have you had to struggle taking a know out of your necklace.  I have been known to throw out a white flag and find another necklace to wear.  Here's what to do:
Place the necklace on a hard surface that will not stain.  Place a few drops of baby oil on the knot to lubricate the metal.  Find a safety pin and gently pull the knot apart.  Gently wipe the oil off of the necklace and it should be ready to go.
How much money have you spent whitening your teeth?  Do you know it could only cost a couple of dollars?  To eliminate stains, wipe your teeth with the inside of an orange peel once a week for 2 minutes before brushing.  The peel's astringent properties will polish andy stains and plaque while the vitamin C will help fight bacteria.

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