Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Smooth cellulite and shrink vericose veins by 35%

Cellulite is often a buildup of toxins that cause connective tissue to weaken.  Weakened connective tissue will allow fat cells to rise to the surface.  Receiving a daily massage increases the lymphatic drainage of toxins in troubled areas.  Massage can reduce cellulite appearance by up to 50%.  Starting at the furthest point away from your heart, massage olive oil into the skin in long deep strokes as you move closer to the heart.  Or call your Massage Therapist and have them help you out!
Chinese Medicine has traditionally used hawthorn berries to control vericose swelling.  Mao Sh Ni, M.D. suggests taking 350 mg of this supplement daily.  Try Nature's way Hawthorn Berries.  The berries contains anti-inflammatory saponins and antioxidant bioflavonoids.  Both of these ingredients will help veins to appear noticeably smaller.

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