Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Simple ways to love yourself!

Keep Birthday and Mother's day cards.  Also keep photo's of special times and simple sweet notes from friends and family that made you feel special.  Keep filling up the drawer and take time to open it and go through all of those special moments.  Just simple reminders of how special you are serve as power triggers and can turn your mood around.
Do you know that taking a break in the middle of the day will help you get more done?  Take a 30 minute break and read a magazine or listen to music and you will zip through the rest of your day!
Have you ever thought that talking to yourself makes you a strange person?  Well, don't be afraid to be your own best friend.  Next time you make a mistake, talk to yourself like you would your best friend.  If you focus too hard on your mistake negatively, it will set you up for another mistake.  Allow the tension to seep away and give yourself a pep talk.
Don't feel bad to indulge in a massage, soak in the tub or buy a new nail polish.  Just pick something you enjoy.  Delighting in indulgence will take away worries and lift your mood.  It will also boost your self confidence.

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