Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Snowy winter in MN

As far back as I can remember, this has been the snowiest winter yet since I moved to Minnesota.  For the past week it has been snowing everyday.  There is nothing that I love more than to wake up in the morning and see the snow fall from the sky.  Fresh snow keeps the world white and beautiful.  It is actually a brighter day than a warm summer sunny day in July.  The beauty of a snowflake is hard to capture in words and is neverending.  I love snow!
Unfortunately, we have not had to time to play in it.  I have tickets to Welch Village and I am hoping we use them before spring melts us away.  Growing up in the UP of Michigan taught me many ways to enjoy the winter season.  Then I grew up and forgot to make time to enjoy the snow once again.
We will never see the snow I lived in when I was in Michigan.  Lake Superior brings on it's own weather up there and it is hard to forecast what the lake will do from day to day.  But I have never seen anything more beautiful than the country by Lake Superior.  Some days I miss the UP and her magical surprises she brings upon the people living there.  Then there are times I am glad I got to get out and enjoy some of the other wonders of the United States.
For now, I am going to pray for a ski day!


  1. You go on ahead, I'll wait here. By the fire. With a good book. And maybe a hot toddy.

  2. You can come over after I am skiing and enjoy a warm fire, a good book, a nice friend, and a hot toddy!