Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2011 plans for Simple Pleasures Yoga & Massage

Christina is hoping for another exciting year for her business.  With all the trainings she has done in the past, she has been able to offer the best services she can provide.  Everything is for her clients or students.  She does the best she can on any given day.  She will not fall short on her promise.  She cares about your concern and will do her best to meet your expectations.
With the new year here, she is hoping to attend YogaFit's conference in June to continue her certification on Yoga Therapy.  In July she is hoping to attend the Yoga Journal Conference to improve her yoga teaching.  She is also hoping to attend another training in Thai Yoga Massage to work toward her certification and would like to get certified in Cranio Sacral Therapy.
All of this takes time and money.  Hopefully her support will come through and all of her dreams will come true.
She often grows tired from working so hard to provide the best service she can.  May God bless this business and help it grow...

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