Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mixing up a body scrub

I like to exfoliate my body at least once a month.  I often find that the stores sell body scrubs at a price that I feel is not affordable.  So, I naturally tried to find a way to make it myself.  Here is what I do.
Grab a small canning jar.  Fill it with coarse salt or pure cane sugar.  I prefer sugar over salt because if I have any cuts it doesn't sting with sugar like it does salt.  Salt is more coarse and holds together better than sugar though so you can exfoliate longer with it and use less scrub.  Then I grab and oil.  I use grapeseed for cost effectiveness but if you prefer almond oil, that will also work.  I pour the oil in until the sugar or salt is completely saturated.  Then I find an essential oil, or a soap fragarance that is nice.  I pour a few drops in until I can smell the scent in the mixture.  Be sure to stir the scrub completely before smelling it for fragarnce.  I hope this helps!  Enjoy!


  1. So where do you get essential oils? Are some better than others?

  2. The essential oils that I recommend are Young Living oils. Usually citrus is the best but many people like lavendar for relaxation and rose is the best for moisturizing your skin. I like euclyptus and spearment together. Another is vanilla and lavendar. Be sure to go to your local coop and smell the scents before purchasing them. They usually smell different than you think. I also see grocery stores are selling essential oils but, they are not the best quality for putting on your skin.