Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Owning a business

Forget what you think you know about running your own business and take in some hard-won wisdom.  (
Owning my own business has been both challenging and rewarding.  It's been a roller-coaster ride that I didn't mean to step onto.
From the beginning it has been everybody else's idea but my own.  This tells me they saw something I didn't.  I found it very rewarding in the beginning as everyone seemed to enjoy my services.  Then, the hours got longer and the days more busy.  People really enjoyed what I worked so hard to offer them.  I was working for the people and doing what I could to help them through their day, week, or month.  Both massage and yoga have great benefits.  But sometimes the business owner doesn't get to reap them.  Keep in mind that their are many duties a business owner takes on when they commit to such a big task.  They are the whole team that you may see in a large corporation.  The owner wears many hats to include planning, bookkeeping, hiring, marketing, payroll and firing.  As the business grows the entrepreneur may want to pass these duties on.
The type of business I run is dependent on appointments and that brings on a whole new set of roller coaster rides.  Maybe I will share later.
For now, starting a business is done by someone willing to take a chance on themselves.  And, you have to be a little bit nervous from time to time...

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