Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Laugh it off in yoga!

Have you heard the buzz about laughter yoga?  Studies have shown us that laughter has a multitude of benefits.  Laughter reduces blood pressure, increases pain reliever endorphins, reduces levels of cortisol a stress hormone and boosts the immune system.  The Loma Linda University's research has found that the benefits of laughter are the same as the benefits of moderate exercises.
In laughter yoga the warmup starts with laughter, games and greeting each other in full bursts of laughter.  Is there a better way to begin or end a day?  Next time you have the opportunity to join a laughter yoga class, don't shy away.  The oxygen channel used to have a yoga class where they danced and laughed in their yoga poses.  I remember doing yoga with them once thinking, "How fun is this?"  Never be afraid to express yourself.  Find a yoga class that's fun!  Check us out here at Simple Pleasures!

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