Thursday, March 17, 2011

Finding balance in a crushed world...

Do you find yourself totally crushed by the end of the day?  Do you fall into your chair and mold yourself there until the sun comes up again?  Although we feel that sitting in a chair or melting into a could is the right thing to do, it can also be the wrong thing to do.
Sometimes we need a motivator, a feel good reason to get up and move.  That's when I get up and do yoga or get a massage.  Massage is not a treat for me, it is a necessity to get me through the tough times in this world.  My biggest yoga practice is on the weekends.  I look forward to pulling out my mat and getting on it.  The poses I practice are far more challenging than I want them to be but I feel well spent and energized when I am through.  I take full advantage of savasana and meditation at the beginning and end of my class.  I love my yoga days!
Massage is another way to blow away stress for me.  I make sure I am there once or twice a month.  Depends on the stress level I am feeling.
Don't be fooled by the people that think yoga is only for those who are flexible and massage is only for the ones who have time to pamper themselves.  In my book, these are two necessities in my life!

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