Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Swap dressings and spreads to reduce calories.

These measurements are the equivalent of one Tablespoon.

Olive oil 120 calories swap for fresh Lemon Juice 4 calories
Mayonnaise 100 calories swap for Light Mayonnaise 49 calories
Tartar Sauce 75 calories swap for Relish 15 calories
Guacamole 25 calories swap for Salsa 8 calories
Honey Mustard 30 calories swap for Yellow Mustard 10 calories
Vinaigrette 72 calories swap for Balsamic Vinegar 14 calories
Barbeque Sauce 35 calories swap for Tomato sauce 5 calories

Try it.  You might like the change.  I tried them all and my food has a better taste.  It's not covered up by sugar and other added ingredeints.  Enjoy!

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