Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Organize your car while travelling

Stack-and-stow bins
For irregular shaped totes and duffles try these stackable baskets. Choosing bins with wheels makes it easy for little ones to help out. Souvenirs can easily be tucked around the sides on the ride home. IRIS Rolling & Stacking Baskets USPHome.com
An upright hammock
Try a cargo bar and net to keep items from shifting and toppling over. The cargo bar will keep these items safely rooted in their spots and easier to unpack upon arrival. Highland Trunk Cargo Bar with net CargoGear.com
Zip-top bags for Towels
Tuck soft items like towels and sheets into large resealable plastic bags. The bags will squeeze into nooks and crannies which allows you to use every inch of space available. They are also good for the trip home for dirty clothes. Ziploc Big Bags XL at your local grocery store.
Front seat
That empty seat to the right of you is handy for all those things you put into it. But, what if you pick up a passenger? A hanging cooler is good for snacks and drinks and swings around easily for backseat passengers. Maps, pens and other on-the-road necessities could use a multi-compartment lap tray with extra cup holders. Your cell phone could be tucked into a clever pouch that attaches to the air vent to keep you from digging in your purse for it.
Lunch cooler organize.com; kar-kaddy kar-kaddy.com; all phone pouch stacksandstacks.com
Hanging media organizer eliminates the under-seat clutter of games and DVD's. A canvas cooler has pockets on the side for paper, markers and more. It also makes a great between the seat table for games. An over-the-seat serving station is great at mealtime to prevent messes on the car seats. entertainment organizer comforthouse.com Canvas cooler StacksandStacks.com back seat food tray brylanehome.com

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