Friday, August 12, 2011

Handy Home Solutions

Keep flies from invading your next picnic by cutting lemons into quarters and poke a dozen whole cloves into the fleshy part of each wedge. Flies don't like citrus and spicy scents, so the combination of lemon and cloves will ensure they take their hunger elsewhere.
Next time the fuzzy bee stings, place a slice of raw onion on it. The sulfur in the bulb is a natural detoxifier that neutralizes the venom.
Next time you open a musty smelling book, grab a used dryer sheet and place it in the center of it for a day or two. The sheets porous fibers will absorb the moisture and leave behind a laundry-fresh scent.
To avoid the sandy beach from entering your car, sprinkle your feet with baby powder before you leave. The powder will soak up excess moisture that causes sand to stick to the feet. Now you should be able to brush the sand off easily.
The next time you drop a trinket into the drain, grab a vacuum and slip a panty hose over the end. Typically the trinket will be in the U-bend. The vacuum will suck it out and the hose will keep it from entering the vacuum.
Keep your garden hydrated with charcoal. Break the briquettes into 1" pieces and sprinkle on the flower bed. The charcoal will retain rain and slowly release hose water into the ground. This will make the soil stay moist twice as long.

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