Saturday, September 18, 2010

Why Practice Yoga this Winter?!

Simple Pleasures Yoga has many classes to offer and weekend workshops during the cold months.  Yoga can help destress you during the busy holiday hours and also during the cold quiet times of January, February and March....Sign onto for the class schedules.  Go to the Services Offered section.
Winter, with its gradually increasing darkness, begs us to immerse ourselves in the prosperous warmth of a wood-fire, a glass of clove-spiced cider and a thick wool blanket. During this time, it makes sense to pursue activities that encourage us to delve inward. Yoga, with its emphasis on internal observation, slow and dynamic movement, as well as relaxed breathing and an accepting attitude, may be the near-perfect activity for the snowy stresses of the holiday months ahead. Establishing yourself in a winter yoga practice is a way of going inward, aligning yourself with the slower cycles of nature, as well as detoxifying the mind and body from the stresses that the end of the year can bring. This winter, try to dedicate a few hours weekly to a yoga class that restores you to your glowing self, and you may find that you can rekindle your spark for the season!

The Winter Blues - Symptoms and Treatments

•Gentle backbends like salabasana, cobra and upward dog. This type of yoga allows us to move stagnated energy from our belly up into our hearts. It also helps to uplift our moods and energy levels.

•Doing less. Try to arrange your schedule to reflect the more internal nature of winter. Read more books, invite friends over for an early soup-dinner, or just take a few days off to reflect and rest.

•Going to bed earlier. The natural world is turning in earlier. We should too!

•Eating more warming, wet foods. Replace your morning bowl of granola and cold milk for piping hot oatmeal with cooked apples, butter and cinnamon.

•Doing an Ayurvedic oleation-a practice of self-massage. Choose a warming winter oil such as sesame. Massage yourself from head to toe in the morning, wait 20-30 minutes and then shower.

•Taking baths with warming oils such as ylang ylang, sweet orange, clove, amber or frakencense.

•Practicing some form of relaxation, meditation or breathwork.

Quite simply, winter is a time for rest. With that in mind, allow yourself to curl up, find some kitten whiskers, get out your favorite book and your softest blanket (Snuggie blanket anyone?), make a pot of your favorite soup, and let nature take over. Give yourself permission for a little hibernation, and you will truly see how these simple tips ripple out into the rest of your life.

And lastly, don't forget your in woolen mittens.

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