Thursday, September 9, 2010

Facts About Yoga

• Yoga is being practiced in USA since late 19th century but it only gained popularity around 1960s.

• A survey conducted in 2003 showed that 15 million Americans practice Yoga.

• The percentage of people that practice Yoga increases on an average of 20-25% every year.

• Yoga is thousands of years old.

• Yoga is not a religion it’s a that leads you to spiritual and physical self-realization.

• Yoga can relieve pain of chronic conditions.

• Yoga unites the body, mind and spirit into a balanced state.

• Yoga prevents osteoporosis.

• Yogic breathing expands your lungs.

• Yoga relives anxiety and depression better than the anti-depressant drugs.

• People who practice Yoga are believed to live longer than their counterparts who don’t.

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