Wednesday, June 3, 2015

8 Essential Oils for Summer Vacations

AromaTouch Massage Blend

•After a long day of walking around sightseeing, this blend feels fabulous massaged into your legs and feet.
•Great to apply to your feet before a flight to help increase circulation. Right after you go through security is a great time to apply.
•Soothing in a bath after a day of travel to calm tension.

DigestZen Digestion Blend

•Great for motion sickness due to travel, amusement park rides, etc.
•Travel food can cause digestive upset and this blend is amazing to help restore balance to the system.


•Add a couple drops to a spray bottle and use to cool and uplift after a long day at the beach, in the sun at fairs, parades, and parks.
•Keep a spray bottle with a couple drops of peppermint in the car to freshen the air and uplift the mood of travelers on a car trip.

TerraShield Repellent Blend

•Great for keeping insects at bay during outdoor activities. I make a spray bottle with water and 40-50 drops or apply the blend directly to the skin with a carrier oil.
•Make a spray and use as a gardening help to deter insects and pests from your plants.
•Use indoors to keep insects away.

Melaleuca (Tea Tree)

•Great for minor skin irritations. You can make an “owie” spray with a couple drops of lavender and melaleuca in water. Keep with you hiking, camping, and other outings where irritation might occur.
•Apply directly for skin blemishes and breakouts.
•Use a carrier and apply to the chest or sinus area to help improve respiratory function.
•Great one to help enhance immunity and help you feel better.


•Soothe mild sunburns and other occasional burns. You can make an “after-sun” spray with a couple drops of Lavender and Peppermint in water. Shake and spray after a day at the beach, swimming, or just being outside. Calms and soothes skin and feels great!
•Help skin recover quicker. Apply around the area or make an “owie” spray with melaleuca.
•Make a linen spray and spritz bedding in a hotel, tent, or other temporary room to promote a restful sleep in an unfamiliar place.


•Combine 2 drops each of Peppermint, Lemon, & Lavender for seasonal threats. Great for when you are outside with pollen and other stressors.
•Lemon is a great oil to remove sticky things such as sap and sticker residue and markers and crayons. You never know when you’ll need this. I’ve used this on sap covered kid hands in the woods and permanent marker in a condo. It’s a lifesaver!
•Great one to spray rooms, cars, and enclosed spaces where the mood needs lifting. I keep a little tiny sprayer in my purse and use it a lot.

On Guard Protecting Blend

•This oil smells like fall with orange and clove, but it’s a great one to have handy during the summer months too. Keep a mini spray bottle with a couple drops of OnGuard to spritz down surfaces in public spaces.
•Use it daily to help maintain healthy immunity during the summer months, no one wants to get sick on summer break.
•Diffuse it to help energize and uplift.

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