Thursday, July 12, 2012

Feeling rushed? Slow down with doTERRA.

Emotional Corner

Essential Oils for Feeling Hurried

Hurried: Working at speed; to move forward or act with haste and eagerness


Breathe oil can be helpful when you feel hurried or rushed. It can assist you in taking slower, deeper breaths. Slower breaths combat the stress you feel when trying to finish a project or meet a deadline. Try taking a short break, applying some Breathe oil on your chest, and taking a few deep cleansing and calming breaths.


Do you ever notice how you tense up all your muscles when you feel rushed? PastTense can help you stay relaxed by releasing muscle tension. Try applying PastTense over your tight muscles and areas holding tension.

Wild Orange-

Wild Orange reminds you not to work too hard and to remember to play and be spontaneous. It encourages you to let go of limiting patterns and embrace the abundance around you. Try applying some Wild Orange on your temples, stomach and toes when under stress.

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