Thursday, January 12, 2012

Save up to $10,000.00 this year!

Instead of bottled water which may cost $365.00 a year at $1.00 a bottle, add a filter to your tap. A filter for your tap may cost about $30.00 and for fresh water on the go, pick up a self filtering water bottle for as little as $10.00.

Do you have a home phone and a cell phone? How many times a day/week/month does it ring?  Consider cancelling your home phone and put the savings toward your cell phone bill.

Basic ingredients for the pantry such as flour, pasta, eggs and milk are generally the same no matter the producer. Why pay more for a brand name when you can get the same thing for less money in a generic name?

Do you watch only a handful of channels available to you? Then you may be able to do without cable. If you have a Roku box, Wii or other compatible gaming consoles, you can replace your cable service with online streaming. Purchase a Hulu Plus account which gives you access to current popular shows and an archive of more than 33,000 episodes of your favorite series, plus a library of movies.
Drinking a glass of wine at a restaurant is marked up as much as 200%.  I have seen a glass of wine sold at $7.00 a glass and the bottle is sold at a local market for as low as $12.00 a bottle.  Enjoy a glass of wine at home instead with an appetizer.  You could save between $100.00 - $200.00 per year.  I often drink beer in place of wine for money savings.
Do you love manicures and pedicures?  Well, I found that polishing my own nails at home is well worth the savings.  I also paint my own flowers and designs.  I watch while I get a pedicure and go home and try it.  Of course, who doesn't love to be pampered.  Go out and have some fun and use it as a treat 3 - 4 times a year but have fun at home too....Invite a friend and have twice the fun!
Last but not least, let's talk about exercise.  How much money have you spent at expensive gyms or country clubs?  Check out the local buzz.  There is always a community pool or a hotel that you can pay once a month to swim in the pool.  How about going outside just like the mailman in snow, sleet, or rain?  I bought spikes for my shoes and I am on the road to run!  Check out your local gym or community education.  Or...try my place!
Peace to you in 2012!

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