Thursday, January 19, 2012

Prepare your skin for Winter!

Moisturize your hands 2 -3 times a week.  Choose an intense moisturizer like Yes to Carrots Intense Repair hand cream.  First dampen your hands and then smooth the cream on before slipping on a pair of cotton gloves.  Leave the gloves on for 30 minutes or overnight.  Enjoy your hands!

Plug in a humidifier to add the moisture back into the air that your heating system is pulling out.  Put it in your bedroom while you sleep and keep the humidity between 30 - 50 percent.  Change the water daily and clean the machine every three days.

Licking your lips will dry out your lips faster than leaving them alone.  Try putting a salve on your lips that contain glycerin, lanolin and dimethicone.  Blistex Cold and Allergy lip soother is great for the lips.

Summer is not the only time to grab that SPF suntan lotion.  The sun shines in the winter too.  Sometimes the sun will reflect off the snow and that can be just as harmful as the sun shining on you.  Always protect exposed skin with a moisturizer that contains a broad-spectrum suncreen of at least SPF 15.

Soften the calluses on your feet with a dry foot file such as Telebrands PedEgg.  Afterwards, apply a cream with exfoliating alpha hydroxy acids like Eucerin Plus Intensive Repair foot creme.

Taking a bath in the winter will help cure the winter blues.  Skip the drying bubbles and add a capful of oil under running water.  Try Aveeno Skin Relief shower and bath oil.

Long steamy showers feel good for the moment but are very oil stripping for the skin.  Get out of the shower quickly after cleansing with a hydrating body wash.  A body wash with jojoba and cocoa butter are great for softening.

Put away products with high levels of alcohol, such as toners and astringents, during the winter months.  Clay based masks should also be avoided and they can rob skin of essential moisture.

Right after bathing pat dry with a towel while keeping skin slightly damp and smooth on some moisturizer immediately.  If you see flakes, use a thick moisturizer on that area.

Shield your skin from moisture-zapping chills.  If the weather is cold, cover up all exposed areas.  Leather guards your skin better than wool and wrap a chunky scarf around your neck made of soft fabric or fleece.

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