Thursday, July 7, 2011

Get slim at the beach!

Fly a kite and tone your shoulders and arms.  Flying a kite is an effective upper-body workout.  Lifting your arms activates the deltoid, trapezius and tricep muscles.  This helps create definition in the shoulders and arms.  It also forces the heart to pump blood to the fingertips which increases calorie burning.  Be sure to pull the kite up and down against the wind to increase tone in triceps and biceps.

Play with kids at the beach.  Chasing your child in the sand can increase calories burned.  Don't forget to lift and swing the little ones to increase tone in the latissimus dorsi and rectus abdominus.  And then bend your knees and squat to pick up the little ones to increase tone in the lower body.

Volleyball for thighs!  Volleyball in the sand increase more calories burned than in the gym.  In the sand more demand is put on the hamstrings and quadraceps increasing tone in the legs.  Keep your arms straight when hitting the ball and create strong shoulders.

Don't forget to jump in the water especially when there are big waves.  Allow them to pull and tug at your body as you resist against them.  This movement is good for the transverse abdominus.  Then start jumping in the water and the obliques and hip flexors will be activated and toned.  Try walking laterally to increase tone in the adductors and abductors of the hips and legs.

Find a ball and kick it around.  The sand creates resistance that muscles must work against.  This is a great lower body workout and helps the body to burn more fat.  When you kick, twist your waste to the side to increase oblique work.

Have fun at the beach!  I do.  I swim against the current in the Mississippi...

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