Monday, June 13, 2011

Why own a pet?

After a stressful day, go home and stare in your pets eyes for 2 1/2 minutes.  You will experience a 20 percent hike in oxytocin, a feel good hormone that banishes negative feelings and encourages calm and relaxation.
Dogs have been known to detect seizures before they occur.  Because dogs have this special sense it allows epileptic people to live life somewhat normal.
Dogs are nice to have if you have children.  Some dogs are sporty and young children like playing fetch with them especially if they have no siblings to play with.
Cats are adored by old ladies because of their mannerisms and cleanliness.
Horses have been used for various types of transportation for many years.  The Amish use horse and buggy for their main type of transportaion to this day.  They are handy in areas where vehicles cannot travel.  Their elegance is proven during official and historical functions like weddings of the British royalty such as Kate and Will.  They are also used in cities like New York for joy rides through main parks which also provides the owner with a means of earning a living.
If you have rodents, you should consider owning a pet, especially a cat.  Cats will eliminate all rats.
Constant care is needed with all pets. This includes visits to the veterinary clinic, cleaning and companionship. Some pets need to be groomed more than others.  Remember, pets are domesticated wild animals and may from time to time behave in an untamed manner.  Also, check with your city to see if you need a license to own your animal.

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