Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What is a chakra?

There are many definitions of what a Chakra is but the name originates from the Sanskrit name "wheel of light".  Chakra serves as a collection and transmission center for both subtle, or metaphysical, energy and concrete, or biophysical energy.
Chakras are either circular or vortices that are conical in shape.  According to Sanskrit sources, a circle describes a rotation of shakti, or feminine life energy which denotes yantras that direct reality and references the different nerve centers in the body.
If one or more of these chakras are out or blocked, there's a good chance our life is out of balance.  During my last conference, a man from India came to talk with us about this kundilini balance of the chakra system.  He mentioned that when we have unblocked each chakra people will be drawn to us.  They will want to be around us at all times.  Why not work towards balance in our lives?  Here is a quick summary about the chakra system:

First Chakra - Located at the base of the spine.  Its color is red.  The element is Earth which means it grounds us.  It's orientation is self preservation and its demon is Fear.

Second Chakra - Located in the genital area and deals with emotions and sexuality.  Its element is water so its purpose is movement and flow.  The color is orange and identifies with emotions.  Its demon is Guilt.

Third Chakra - Located in the solar plexus and its purpose is energy and will.  The element is fire so it likes to bring heat to the body.  The color is yellow and it identifies with the ego.  It helps with self-definition and the demon is Shame.

Fourth Chakra - Located in the chest so its element is air.  The color is green and it identifies with social identity.  The orientation is self-acceptance and its demon is Grief.

Fifth Chakra - Located in the throat and its element is sound.  The color is Bright Blue and it identifies with creative identity.  It's orientation is self-expression and the demon is Lies.

Sixth Chakra - Located between the brows its element is light.  Its purpose is seeing, intuition, insight.  The color is indigo and the orientation is self - reflection  The demon would be Illiusion.

Seventh Chakra - Located at the crown of the head.  The purpose is pure awareness, understanding, unity with the divine.  The color is violet or white and identifies with universal identity.  The orientation is self - knowledge and the demon is attachment or ignorance.

Thank you to Chakra Balancing by Anodea Judith and The Subtly Body by Cyndi Dale

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