Saturday, February 19, 2011

Savasana ( corpse pose)

This is everyone's favorite pose.  This pose can be used to start a yoga class.  It is always practiced at the end of a yoga class especially after a more vigorous yoga class.  It helps to restore and balance the body and mind at the end of class.  The pose is also useful in relaxing a nervous body.  This pose can be done alone but should not be used for meditation purposes as you may fall asleep.  Here's what you do:

Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed.  Lay your mat on the floor and maybe place a soft blanket on top.  You may want to find a bolster for under your knees, eye pads and maybe a neck roll.  Put on some quiet music without words.  Or maybe a nature noise that helps you to quiet down.  Now close your eyes, clear your mind, and enjoy the nxt 5 - 20 minutes of pure bliss. 
Afterwards, roll onto your side and allow your body to slowly come back to awareness.  Then slowly rise and take a few deep breaths to replenish the oxygen in your body.  Congratulations!  You now completed savansana.

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