Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Essential Oils during Pregnancy

Using Essential Oils for Pregnancy


Pregnancy is an exciting time filled with many ups and downs. Essential oils can be very beneficial for pregnancy, birth, babies and children. Learning to use essential oils correctly particularly during these time periods can be challenging but well worth the effort. 

The journey to motherhood can be overwhelming emotionally and physically. Essential oils can aid in the experience and help it be less overwhelming.  There are some essential oils that it is important that you avoid when pregnant. 

As Listed in the Modern Essentials 5th Edition Do Not Use These Oils During Pregnancy: 
- Birch 
- Cassia (Topically or Internally)
- Cedarwood (Internally) 
- Cinnamon (Topically or Internally)
- Cypress (Internally)
- Eucalyptus (Internally) 
- Rosemary 
- Thyme 
- Wintergreen
- Clary Calm
- Clear Skin 
- DDR Prime 
- Deep Blue (Consult a Doctor First) 
- Digestzen (Consult a Doctor First) 
- OnGuard (Consult a Doctor First) 
- Slim & Sassy 
- Zendocrine 

Also when using the blends it is best to use them topically or aromatically. When using them topically make sure to dilute them well, and that you consult your doctor before using any essential oils. 

The overall goal is to keep you and your baby safe. Whatever essential oils you use on your skin  and take internally will also influence the babies nutrition and overall health. Because the babies are small, and essential oils are potent they can be harmful if not used properly during pregnancy and it is very important you consult a physician before use. 

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA or a Certified Physician. Before using essential oils during pregnancy, or during birth, or on babies and children please contact a Certified Physician.

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