Thursday, October 14, 2010

Simple Pleasures variety of massage styles offered.

Do you think table massage is the only way to get relief?  Well, we offer many ways for peace of mind and body.  Let me list a few...
Thai Massage - this is a style of massage that is performed on a mat with your clothes on.  While you sit and relax mostly, the practitioner passively manipulates your body into postions while massaging and creating a stretch in the muscle.  The end result is different than the table massage but is just as healing in many different ways.
Craniosacral - another creative way where you keep your clothes on.  This is another healing technique that uses light pressure for those who don't like deep tissue massage.  The practitioner listens to the body and works where the hands lead them.  With the help of an intake and awareness of the practitioner, muscles and joints can be relieved of stiffness.  Using energy and manipulation the result of this massage can be more relaxing than the well known table massage.
Yoga Therapy - in this sessions we take an evaluation to determine the purpose of the session.  From there we pick a series of poses and positions that will create a solution to problem areas.  Yoga poses are held dynamically or passively to strengthen and lengthen the body.  Others are designed to open problem areas.  Energy can be created or reduced in this session.  The end result is peace of mind!
Heated Stone Massage - this is where you do take your clothes off and lye on the massage table.  The massage is first started with heated stones and then a deep tissue massage is applied to the area that was massaged with the stones.  This is a favorite in the winter when the temperature drops below zero.  People tend to be more relaxed than ever with this massage!

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