Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Yoga, Massage Therapy & Me

Yoga started in 1999 for me.  I came from a running, lifting weights and sorry to say aerobics background.  I asked my sister for a yoga DVD for Christmas and she sent me Pilates.  I was okay with that but I still wanted yoga.  So I bought myself a Yoga Journal magazine assuming I would find what I was looking for.  I found a DVD to buy so I did buy it.  I started praciting with it and thought, "How could this possibly keep me fit?"  Well, by the end of the DVD I was wondering how I could possibly ever practice yoga.  I kept it up for several years and tryed to get my friends to practice.  All they wanted me to do was teach yoga.  Oh boy!  I didn't want to get myself in that mess!
At the same time, I also was unhappy as a Radiographer.  My friends were also happy with helping me out with that solution.  Become a Massage Therapist!!!  I was real happy to rule that out also.
After several months of dissapoinment and discouragement I moved on.  I took a yoga teacher training in the summer and started my massage classes in the fall.  Two years later I had a massage and yoga business started through the encouragement of my friends.  What they saw in me, I will never know but I am glas they saw what they did.
I am now a 200 Yoga Alliance registerd teacher working toward my 500 hours.  I am also working on become certified in Craniosacral Therapy and Thai Massage.  I have a full blown successful pracitice and I can only thank my friends!
My life has changed and so has my attitude toward life.  That is, most days ;o)

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  1. Could it have been the way your face lit up whenever you talked about yoga? Naaaahhhh....