Wednesday, August 19, 2009

How I Healed My Shoulder Injury

In March 2009, we went to Jackson Hole skiing. I took a plunge and fell hard on my left shoulder. The next day I could barely lift my arm. A few days later, I returned to work not knowing if I could work or not. It was difficult for me to do some yoga poses and stretches, but I did them anyway. I just tryed my best to not go past my limitations. As far as massage went, the injury didn't affect that at all. It was the yoga that was more difficult to do. I kept it up no matter how much my shoulder hurt. Sometimes it would hurt more after practicing yoga. I just tollerated it and today I have very little pain and limitation in my left shoulder. My main goal in healing was not to let it get stiff. In my profession, I see too many people trying to protect their shoulder after an injury and it only leads to stiffness. I have seen that to be worse than the original injury. I also did my best to keep it strong. Teaching the strength and tone classes was very helpful. Combining them with yoga was the best medicine I could get for my shoulder...and it was very affordable ;o)

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