Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekend Workshop

This past weekends workshops were well attended and we had a lot of fun! Shakti Yoga is absolutely the funnest yoga I have done yet. It's creative and designed so anyone can do it. After Christina took her first workshop on Shakti Yoga in Minneapolis, she knew she had to share it with the world because it is so fun and easy to do!
Restorative Yoga is the perfect follow-up to Shakti Yoga. The reason I say this is because Shakti is fun and invigorating and Resorative Yoga will restore the body back to its normal rythym and re-open any muscles that find it hard to relax.
We will offer more workshops in the fall when everyone's life slows down again. Ha ha ha! Like that will happen;o)
Hope to see you in the next workshop!

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